Sup?  I’m Christina Walkinshaw.  I do comedy. Sometimes I do laundry. Probably don’t wash my sheets as much as I’m supposed to, though. I used to live in Toronto, now I live in L.A. Also, I no longer fit in the outfit below.

Oh and look what else I finally did- I recorded a comedy album!! That only took me a billion years, eh? I hope you buy it, then leave your music on shuffle, and randomly hear one of my jokes between Taylor Swift songs. My old roommate Melissa had Tony Robbins on her iPod and it would pop up as she tried to DJ. Some of the best laughs of my life.


Holler!! Check out my tour dates for upcoming MY JOKES ARE UP HERE shows, and/or if you wanna book this show for your next event! It’ll blow your facking mind!!

My Jokes Are Up Here