Christina Walkinshaw is a Canadian stand up comic now living in New York. Her half hour comedy special often repeats in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping. You’ve seen her on Just For Laughs, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and she’s done multiple tours for the troops overseas. She’s been on CBC’s “The Debaters,” and she also makes (sporadic) appearances in the shower. Check out her podcast “Jillin Off” with Jen Murphy and her very popular blog, “Becoming Poly.” If you find any typos on this website, be sure to contact us, and you will receive a FREE BEER! In general, Walkinshaw chooses to avoid mushrooms and marriage. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @walkinsauce.

What People Are Saying


“I learned more tonight than I have in 80 years!”
Ron from Waterloo

Auntie Marion

“When are you coming to Vegas next?”
– Auntie Marion


“Don’t use the bathroom after her.”
Sarah from Barrie


“Gimme back my Jann Arden album!”
– Laura Menard

Jen Grant

“Can you please stop saying ‘kinky’ ?”
– Jen Grant, Fellow Comedian


“Christina is the best kind of friend a girl can have. She’ll pick you up when you’re feeling down, she’ll give you amazing advice and you can always blame your farts on her.”
Kathleen McGee, Fellow Comedian

“If Christina spent the same amount of time on comedy as she does showering we would be
– Ana + Mike, Christina’s Neighbours
(P.S. Ana *is* wearing pants)


“Best sex I never had.”
Bryan Hatt, Fellow Comedian