This is usually a good thing to click on if you happen to have a time machine and would like to go back and see a show in the past. I really need to update it more. Sorry. Hope it’s a good day for this.

Jan. 9th: The Lexington, DTLA- 9pm

Jan. 11th-14th: Opening for Puppetry of the Penis, Las Vegas- 8pm

Jan. 16th: The Lexington, DTLA- THIS ONE IS A STORYTELLING SHOW! NEAT! 8pm

Jan. 17th: Bogey’s, Redondo Beach, CA- 8pm

Jan. 23rd: The Dime, LA-8pm

Jan. 29th: Mickey’s, West Hollywood- 8pm

Feb. 1-4th: The Comedy Underground, Seattle, WA

Feb. 5-14th: Armed Forces Entertainment tour, Afghanistan! (You coming?)

Feb 23/24th, 2018- Chuckles Comedy Club, Saint John, New Brunswick, CANADA

More dates to come soon!!! I promise!