Chapter 3: I’m Telling You For the First Time

Some time between my last day of university and my first time smoking pot, Jerry Seinfeld came out with a special called “I’m Telling You For the Last Time.” It was his way of putting to bed a bunch of material he didn’t want to do anymore. (Garry Shandling stealing jokes out of the coffin […]

Chapter 2: The Queen of Unfinished Projects

Before I go any further into this blog, I need to address an important fact.  I am the queen of unfinished projects. I get an idea…  I think it’s THE BEST…  I start it…  Tell people about it… Then…  I give up. That’s right. I bail on myself. Take THAT, people of Los Angeles.  I […]

Chapter 1: Diary “A-ha” Moment

Chapter One: Diary Aha Moment I’ve been doing stand up comedy for 24 years and still feel like a total loser. Not sure if it’s admirable or embarrassing I’m still chasing my dreams, but the 90’s seem to be trending again, so I might as well attempt to throw my amateur comedy career in the […]