Chapter 11: Too Soon

I’m 22 years old and three years into comedy. Cell phones are becoming more popular, and not just something only dads and cab drivers have. I am vehemently against getting one. Hell no. The thought of people being able to get ahold of me 24/7 scares the shit out of me. Straight from my diary, […]

Chapter 7: My First Paycheck From Comedy

There’s something about making money doing what you love that means more than the actual dollar amount. I know several comedians who gave up perfectly stable and respectable jobs to have a shot at telling jokes for forty bucks. No sense torturing yourself at a 9 to 5 job when you can torture yourself in […]

Chapter 2: The Queen of Unfinished Projects

Before I go any further into this blog, I need to address an important fact.  I am the queen of unfinished projects. I get an idea…  I think it’s THE BEST…  I start it…  Tell people about it… Then…  I give up. That’s right. I bail on myself. Take THAT, people of Los Angeles.  I […]